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If you are a professional in your 40’s, 50’s, or even 60’s you likely have 5 to 20 more years of being in the workplace.

Are you willing to spend the time feeling?

·        Underappreciated?

·        Uninspired?

·        Underpaid?

·        Disconnected from peers?

·        Drowning in toxicity?

What if you could make a GREAT career change into a new role doing work you love, being paid your worth, and interacting with people you like?

Stop wasting your life on a job you no longer love. It's time to find a career that pays you well and gives you joy. Make the rest of your work years, your best years.

It's not too late, you are not too old, and there ARE opportunities out there. I've coached over 1,200 professionals and executive leaders as they made amazing life-changing moves in their mid to late careers.

Join me as I share secrets to making a GREAT career change. This webinar includes:

1. Ageism in the job market and how to overcome it.

2. Preparing your story and job search strategy.

3. The tools you need to shine in the job market.

Register for the Free Webinar with Coach Liz


I'm Liz M Lopez, an Executive Career & Business Coach, Bestselling Author, and International Speaker. I work with corporate professionals and business owners who are ready to make meaningful changes in their work.

I have been guiding professionals and executives to greater levels of career success for 15 years. As a result of working with me, my clients have a better job search experience and get more interviews to ultimately secure a job they love and that pays their worth.

I specialize in working with professionals in their 40's, 50s, and 60's who are ready to take charge and make a significant career move. It's not too late! Please do not let fear keep you in a job that is draining you, boring you, or underpaying you.

This free webinar leverages my 15 years of experience to guide you in preparing for, searching for, and landing a new role that excites you.

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